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A company or business in the 21st century must stay on technology's cutting edge to grow and thrive. 

Through our sister company Abacus IT Solutions, BMSS provides to our clients an extensive variety of IT and telephone services designed to ensure success.

Whether you’re a one person shop or a vast organization spread across multiple states and time zones – communication is critical to your business. The key is integration. Abacus IT Solutions defines integration as combining the strength of a powerful network infrastructure with state-of-the-art communication platforms.

Abacus IT Solution offers a broad range of telephony products and applications that enable us to provide a seamless solution that will enhance your business operation. We can help you design an affordable system that’s easy to use and grows with your business including messaging, voice and data cabling, paging and intercom, call /contact center management, call recording and logging, VOIP, and wireless solutions.

Connecting to the network, whether your employees are in the office or off site, is crucial to your business. You want to insure everyone that needs access can get it while protecting your network from malicious users. We can help secure your network and email system from viruses, SPAM and other attacks.

Got data, but need info? Abacus IT Solutions can create custom reporting and business intelligence solutions that help streamline and consolidate data from one or more systems using the leading industry applications.

Backing up the data on your server is critical to your business. We can help you determine which method is most cost effective and efficient, as well as recommend a reasonable plan to test the back up system on a regular basis.

Many companies need IT support 24/7, but the cost of maintaining staff can be excessive. We have a monitoring system that watches your network, including firewalls, servers and workstations and alerts us when it detects a problem and also helps us keep your system updated with the latest software patches. 

Abacus IT Solutions is an Intuit Solution Provider and certified ProAdvisor. Our experienced accounting staff can serve you through the sale, implementation, and servicing of Intuit products and services.

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