A sister company to Barfied, Murphy, Shank & Smith - Payroll & Benefit Solutions (PBS) provides payroll processing, HR and benefits services that the large national payroll companies do but with local customer service and support and a commitment to client service, accuracy, and quality.

The payroll process can be very time consuming and tedious, and there are many things about paycheck calculation, deductions and withholdings that require technical knowledge to ensure your business remains in compliance with all applicable laws. PBS has Certified Payroll Professionals on staff, as well as the resources of BMSS.

PBS takes care of all aspects of the payroll process, from cutting checks to making tax deposits and completing payroll tax returns, to providing W-2s to all of your employees. Additionally, PBS provides online timekeeping and electronic timeclocks.  Going beyond being your outsourced payroll provider, PBS offers expanded benefits and HR services designed to help you save time and money with the ability to scale and customize the options to suit your specific needs.

Managing payroll in house is a time-consuming burden. PBS makes those headaches and hassles disappear. 

Whether you are currently processing your payroll in-house, or it is being outsourced, we feel that our Payroll & Benefit Solutions team can improve your current experience. 

Payroll & Benefit Solutions
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Payroll & Benefit Solutions