State & Local Taxes

Is your company:

  • Obtaining the required business licenses?
  • Properly remitting unclaimed property to the state to which it is due?
  • The prime or sub-contractor on a construction project?
  • Carrying on business in more than one location in Alabama?
  • Filing ad valorem returns in the correct locations?
  • Conducting business in multiple states?
  • Collecting sales tax on appropriate sales and remitting timely?  

As state and local taxes become a bigger and bigger part of your budget, so should your diligence in this area. Coupling this with the fact that states and municipalities are ever vigilant in looking for additional revenue sources, your company might become the next target of an audit or inquiry.

BMSS has handled a number of state and local tax audits including income tax, sales and use tax, and business licensing tax such as:

  • Assisted on a sales and use tax audit with a preliminary assessment of over $300,000 and found that only $11,000 was actually due.
  • Helped on a rental tax audit with a preliminary assessment of over $37,000 and found that there was no rental tax due at all.

Let the BMSS State and Local Tax Services Group (SALT) help with all of your state and local tax needs. We offer planning, compliance and audit assistance, as well as a “SALT Scrub” for your company. Our SALT Group can assess where you are and help you get to where you need to be.

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Client Testimonial

"The information I learned in less than 2 hours attending their State & Local Tax seminar has the potential to save our company thousands of dollars if ever audited on these issues."
- Small business bookkeeper

BMSS State & Local Tax Professionals